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Why It’s Important

More now than ever before we are connected to the internet with our mobile devices 24/7.  Information that search and publish is store forever on servers around the globe.  Vast amounts of data is stored about us through the use of social media.  Hence this tool is an important arsenal for investigations and law enforcement looking to see how our social network and activity can be harnessed for intelligence and surveillance in real-time via social media data that’s public available and correlated for situational awareness.

How it Works

LifeRaft’s social intelligence platform, Navigator, was designed to address the increasingly tough challenges facing public safety organizations. Our powerful cloud-based solution lets you target and gather real-time open source data, specifically filtering them to identify public safety issues.

Navigator improves your ability to understand the context and nature of social posts relating to your organization based on the specific criteria you outline. This eliminates the noisy commercial content that makes up the majority of social media feeds.

Location accuracy is our area of expertise and we are continually enhancing Navigator’s location services to provide clients optimized geo-location tools, robust data mining services and the most relevant social channels in the market.



We specialize in the ability to leverage open source content to specifically identify and address important public safety issues, such as school shootings, gang violence, violent threats and terrorist recruitment.

By excluding non-relevant, unusable social content, Navigator only provides data that can be immediately acted upon to address emerging threats or major incidences. Clients can then quickly understand if the threat is real based on social patterns and connections.

Product Features

Location Services
Identify posts that are relevant based on location through specific location intelligence like geo-enabled posts or inferred location from post content.

Link Analysis
Visualize online communities to assist in identifying specific demographics and understanding relationships.

Social Reenactment
Develop historical queries to recreate an event in time from a social perspective to find critical information & other insights.

Intelligent Data Mining
Intelligently gather, sort and filter billions of social posts daily to specifically target and identify only the posts relevant to your organization’s scope of interest.

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