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State of digital forensics and data acquisition

Take Control of your digital forensic capability and capacity. Budget cuts, lack of resources, rising number of digital devices and seizures are problems now solved. Digital forensic tools are now able to relieve the strain on digital forensic capacity and resources.

Governments and Law Enforcements are now turning to new digital tools, to rapidly acquire and analyze large volumes of data on computers including Windows, Apple Mac and Linux systems, Mobiles and Tablets, USB devices and other removable media (such as SD cards, portable external drives, IDE and SATA drives, CD, DVD, blue Ray, etc.) with forensic precision. Here at MCM Solutions we are working with our clients to increase productivity, streamline workflows and automate manually intensive traditional forensic extraction and analysis processes. Our tools save thousands of man-hours, deliver accurate results instantly in many cases and are simple to use with minimal training overheads.

Key Features & Benefits

An acquisition from our technology can rapidly identify the relevance of a device – reducing the amount of unnecessary seizures and dramatically decreasing investigation lengths.

Search, analyze, report and audit using powerful forensic capabilities. Investigators can now recover and analyze large volumes of evidence in rapid time scales.

Ease of use and the simplicity and intuitive user interface of our tool allows for users to find digital evidence from one single interface with limited training and no training fade.


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