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At Kaizen Leaders are bred not born…..

We believe that every individual has the capacity to be a leader.  Being a leader means more than being able to lead a group of people, a department or a company.   To us it’s a life’s journey to full-fill our own dreams, desires and success however we define that to be.  We are leaders everyday, whether we know it or not.   Every habit, every decision takes us closer to our goals or away from it.   We don’t separate our professional and personal lives.  We are capable to leaders in all facets of our lives.  That is in essence our belief and it is what we strive for every day by instilling our kazien methodology of operating within ourselves and with others.  Hence, our vision to have team members who are self-aware, self-motivated, self-driven all while being a servant leader.

Who should participate?

  • Everyone is in organization is expected to engage and participate in our leadership development program.

Key benefits

  • Develop the leadership fundamentals of communication, self-awareness, influence and learning agility
  • Bridge levels and functions
  • Build resilience in yourself and others
  • Think and act systemically
  • Convert strategy into action
  • Leverage your leadership experience
  • Develop critical thinking abilities
  • Self-Mastery
  • Self-Disciple
  • Decision making
  • Communication skills development

Program journey

Your program journey is designed to ensure you emerge with new skills and behaviors, aligned with your learning goals.

Workshop preparation

To enhance your learning, you will need to complete comprehensive preparatory assessments (including self-assessment) and undertake a conversation with your manager on your development as a leader within the organization.


The following themes are explored:

  • Leading from the middle-zone
  • Leading within a system
  • Integrating multiple perspectives.

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